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A complete download of all MARI Layer Nodes in one File. Subscribe to the idea, to our Facebook "MariIdeas" or our Twitter Account "@MariIdeas" to be notified of updates.



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Installation Instructions:

Please refer to the Installation_Instructions.pdf within the Nodepack Download file


Conflicts with previous Library Versions:

To avoid conflicts with previous versions we recommend removing any previous ideascale nodes or nodepacks before installation.



This Software is issued under the BSD License included in this Download


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    MARI IDEAS ( Idea Submitter )
    ( Pinned Moderator )

    Please note we have changed Download Policies for Ideascale Nodepack 1.5.

    Download Links will now only be visible to logged in members.

    The Download Link will appear at the bottom of the submission right over the Facebook Symbol

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    Community Member

    Some of the files reference GPL. Is that old? Can it be taken out?

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      Good catch, looks like we forgot that one file. I'll update tomorrow - we are definitely 3-clasue BSD all the way.

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    Community Member

    Looks like GPL is referenced in readme_MariFunctionLib and NB_Standalone_Architectural, btw.

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      GIT & Ideascale Download have been updated

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    That doesn't look right. Can you confirm that you have the following Folder structure :



    Looks to me like you cut out one folder hierachy. If not, I'll need to investigate.

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      Also looks like you have RegisterCustomShaders sitting directly in the /Scripts/ folder.

      Apart from non-nodepack pythonscripts, you should only have and in there.

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    Govind Krishna

    Followed the folder structure you have given above and everything is working. Thank You Jenz, appreciate the help.

    The TabKey is simply awesome. Cracker of a feature. Thank You!

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    Antonio Lisboa Neto


    Just to let you guys know, I have a custom folder with some .glslc and .glslh into the \Mari\Scripts\Shaders\FunctionLibrary as well some folders into the \Mari\Scripts\Shaders\NodeLibrary\ with some opengl scripts and I believe that the latest version of the nodepack conflicts if you have any custom files and folders in their path. Mari just don't load/recognize any of them because of that.

    From what I investigated the "" in the path \Mari\Scripts\Shaders\ is the responsible for that, so I replaced by an old register from lib version 1.06 and all my procedurals and shaders are now loaded/recognized fine in Mari.

    Best regards,

    Antonio Neto.

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      Hey Antonio,

      yes that is correct.

      Any files that are places inside the Nodepack Folder structure that are not conform with what

      "" is looking for will cause an error.

      The PY File is our main loader since we are not creating one PY file per Node/Shader.

      We introduced two tags in the XML files with the Nodepack :

      "DefaultName /DefaultName" (left out the brackets, not allowed in comments)

      will determine the name of the Shader/Node/Procedural in the Mari Interface and

      "Category /Category" will determine the Folder Structure where it appears in the interface.

      Unless a "tag _adjustment /tag" (or standalone etc. for shaders) is found by default all

      will be sorted into the Procedural Category so "Environment/Custom" between the two Category tags

      will place the node under Procedurals/Environment/Custom.

      The reason the 1.06 Loader version works for you is because it had a bug :) Namely we switched from using "ID" to "DefaultName" for Naming.

      I am assuming it works because your Shaders have an "ID" Tag (which Mari needs them to have) bu no "DefaultName".

      We switched to DefaultName to not interfere with the Versioning that the ID Tag is keeping.

      Since I know you are planning on releasing something it would be great if you could either stay out of the Nodepack Folder structure or add some pro-forma tags such as DefaultName and Category in your work. Changing the is challenging to say the least since the old version is now distributed to more than 6000 people.

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    Antonio Lisboa Neto

    Interesting. What I like in the register from 1.06 lib is that I don't need to create register for my custom nodes, and by that anything that I place into the folders structure is going to be loaded properly in Mari.

    And I thought that this open-ability would be more beneficial to other "TD" users that eventually may create their own procedural nodes.

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      glslc & glsh files places in a subfolder of the functionlub should still load. As for XMLs they will load even without Category defined (thiong it places it just in the top folder of procedurals). DefaultName however is a requirement and if you check the ShaderAPI Documentation of Mari you will find it is listed there as a "Good Practice" to include (we didn't make that tag up ourselves - just inheriting default MARI convention pre Mari 2.5). Like I said 1.06 is really old (Mid 2013) - I just diffed the files they are pretty much completely rewritten since then to work with hidden files (.git, .svn). Unfortunately we need to set some kind of standard within our files and adding 1 or 2 tags seemed the least intrusive.

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    MARI IDEAS ( Idea Submitter )

    I put a fix into the next Nodepack that it at least uses ID Tags if DEFAULTNAME Tag is not found, but will spit out a warning in the console.

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    Alexander Tymoshenko

    Thanks. All works fine, but i have got rendering error with PolySurface Curvature shader.

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      Hi. Odd you are the only one so far ( been released for 6 month). Mind sending me your logfile to jens at campi3d dot com ?

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