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comprehensive MultiChannel Painting Solution

it would be great to be able to choose to paint your color,spec, and bump channels at the same time. And have the option to toggle them on/off as you please.

An In-depth paper on the Subject is available here:

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #30201

Major Features

Grouping and filter options for channel list

Mari 2.0 introduced a lot of cool organization features in the layer stack (groups, color tagging, name filters etc.).

Would be cool to have the same features in the channel list with the added feature of sorting channels by creation + modification,last export and alphabetically.

Here is a mockup:

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #35302

Major Features

Integrated Image Browser

Add a tab for an Image Browser in the Mari Interface.

The Image Browser should offer

1)Thumbnail Preview (please with ability to set Thumbnail Cache Directory)

2) Image Preview

3) Folder Bookmarks

4) 32bit support (adjustable exposure)

5) Ability to set an image as Brushtip, PainthroughImage, Imageplane as well as possibility to "send to ImageManager"

6) LUT Support

Mudbox has a near perfect Image browser:

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #12050


Dry Brush/Cavity Maps

I would like a "Dry Brush" Feature inside Mari.

Basically it should recognize raised surface areas created by bump (important !), displacement or modelled highres geo and allow you just to paint on the high (or low) areas.

If it is not an option to have this part of the Brush System I could see this being implemented as a pre-processed pass. Just like the Ambient Occlusion currently it could be an option in the Object Menu to process a Cavity Mask (and CUrvature Mask ...). Then you have it available to use as a Projection Mask.

Like Ambient Occlusion this should also be an available pass to bake in the SHader Bake Dialog.

Here's a link to Mudbox, where you can see it:,topicNumber=d0e13611

or a video here:

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #40064

Major Features

Node based Shaders

I am not a big fan of the "stack"-like approach to the shaders. Might just be the way the interface is designed there that is clunky.

In the long term development I would like to see a node based workflow implemented here.

This could open up a range of possibilities as well with a few extra node types like +/- , multiply/divide etc.. You could combine two masks into one without having to bake them first for example.

I am also thinking along the line of a node-based filter system so you can plug a color-correct node in there as well much like Nuke works.

Custom Py-Nodes with a Codefield where you can quickly hack together a custom Node would round this up nicely.

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #8192


particle engine on brushes

I could see a small cheap particle engine being applied to any paint in the buffer.

Existing paint in the buffer would be treated as the emitting region but the general underlying surface (including any displacement module) would get calculated.

Some options like

1) Splatter

Applies particles randomly

2) Particle Count

Amount of Particles aplied

3 )Size/Mass

Size and Mass of each paticle

4) Initial Alpha

The Opacity of each Particle

5) Gravity (in Paintbuffer space or world space)

How much gravity pull gets applied to the particles

6) Length

How long the paticles rolls away from the original position (with gravity)

7) friction

The surface friction. Higher frictions cause particles to branch out on their way

8) Pooling

How many times a particle gets emitted in the same position causing a little "waterdrop" to appear at the end of it's travel

9) custom Particle Texture

A texture/alpha that gets applied to each particle

This would all happen in the paintbuffer and be then baked down or used as a a base for a second particle emission.

A simple preset system to store and recall different settings could also be added.

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #35243

Major Features

Flood Fill A Selection

The only "fill" function is applied to an entire patch and bypasses the paint buffer.There should be a way to make a selection and fill before baking. This would apply to marquee selctions and face or uv shell / island selections. Thanks!

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #35823

Major Features

[IMPLEMENTED] Texture transfer

It would be useful in Mari to be able to transfer paint between similar objects which not only have different UVs, but different topologies as well.

Maybe a "Bake Channel into Pointcloud" and then transfer onto new object could be considered. Especially with ptex it would be essential to be able to bake existing maps from one mesh onto another in case the base geo has been modifed (faces added, deleted)

The link shows a screenshot of the functionality that mudbox offers to do this:

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #11047


56 votes
56 up votes
0 down votes

Major Features

Renderman/Arnold Shaders and Lookdev

While you are at it, Make mari your lookdev tool. let us render using Prman or arnold, Some sort of shader system like, supporting renderman shaders. Let us plug the texture output from our node based layer stack into a renderman shader and invoke a prman render to see where we are heading with our textures. Would be real productive for the lookdev artist

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #40065

Minor Features

[IMPLEMENTED] Folders or Tabs for Image Manager

It would be handy to be able to group images in the image manager into sets.

With Reference Images/Concept Art, PaintThrough and Clone Sourceimages as well as the Images Mari adds automatically when using Triplanar or Tiling Shader Modules the list can get big.

It would help to group those.

Even better would be to be able to save out these sets in order to share between projects/artists.

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #18056


55 votes
55 up votes
0 down votes

Major Features

"Pass through" Group Blend Mode

On Photoshop Groups there is a "Pass through" Blend Mode which basically treats each Layer's Blend Mode as if it wasn't part of a group.

Mari 2.0 does not have this at the moment causing (just as one example) Advanced Blend Modes with "Below Layer" to not work on grouped Layers or Layers on "Multiply", "Add" etc. not affect layers outside of the group.

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #33181


"Stretch to Stroke" Option

A comparison between Mari's and Zbrush's Brushstrokes:

By default Mari just rolls the brush tip on.

For example if "Align to stroke" is actuve Mari will apply one brushtip slightly rotating in the direction of the brushtip. However you can always clearly identify the individual brushtips.

There should be the option to "stretch to stroke" which would bend and stretch the brushtip along the direction of the users stroke. (similar to how Zbrush does it).Look at the first Video for a comparison:

A look at Zbrush's Roll Feature:

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #33866

Major Features

Seamless Blur

Bluring should somehow work across UV edges. Currently it introduces seams.

The ability to blur a whole asset would open up some possibilities and also would hep in a ptex based workflow.

Maybe Mari could Bake out the Channel into a Pointcloud and then blur based on that ?

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #40068


Brushsystem: Trails

Zbrush has a very powerful brush option called "Trails".

Basically what it boils down to is this:

Instead of having your active brush alpha applied only once at any point of your stroke it applies it as many times as you specify.

It includes additional controls like trail intensity, horizontal/vertical aperture to stretch your brushtip based on stroke direction as well as orientation and position values (both for horizontal and vertical direction as well).

Trails allows you to create very organic looking strokes without any sort of repetitive roll-on effect that you would get by just applying an alpha to your brush with a bit of orientation and spacing changes. Since the brush is sensitive to directional changes with it's horizontal and vertical settings you get very different effects based on the curvature of your stroke.

I created a sample illustration to showcase how it works and its results in the attached image.

Also the second half of this video illustrates the effects of trails as well:

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #26907

Major Features

Automatic uv seam fix in UV View

It would be nice to have an automatic feature, for fixing uv seams, something like photoshop heal brush. You will select uv island/s, then setup feather range (eg. by visible b/w mask) around that island seams, and it will automaticly heal this area.

Substance Painter offers this feature:

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #35814

Major Features

Projects Tab needs folders

It would be nice to have folders in "Projects" manager. Imagine a company with e.g. 5 texture artists who are working simultaneously on 50 assets per month, and sharing their works together. Basically we produce in that case full filled layout of files, and actually it is impossible to manage files and project naming or searching in it, with so simple environment like "projects" manager in mari.

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #32255

Major Features

SSS Shader (like zbrush wax preview or translucency shader)

Some sort of subsurface shader inside Mari. This could be as simple as what Zbrush does with the "Wax Preview" or more advanced realtime code.

This could help artists better preview textures to be used in combination with Subsurface Scattering in their renderer.

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #25965

Minor Features

More Pie Menus like the one you get with "F9"

More configurable Pie Menus would be great.

I could think of one for

1) Colors

2) Brushes

3) Tools (Paint, eraser etc.)

4) Images

It could still use the still system to set it up via shelves for colors, brushes and images (through naming) unless someone comes up with a better idea to populate them. In order to not use too many hotkeys (we are running short) maybe the pie menu could get "sub pie menus" similar to what mudbox is doing.

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #35867

Layer Nodes

Add Color Ramp Remap Node

Add a proper color ramp as a adjustment node.

It should have a proper interface item where the user can add new bands inside the ramp

(don't just use the standard color picker attributes, create a proper new one for this).

This node would remap any value from layers below along the colors the user specifies.

On top of that we should be able to 'Pick a gradient' from an Image. This feature is invaluable in Substance Designer:

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #43211


Brushsystem: Dual brush Tip

Photoshop has a nifty brush feature - the Dual brush Tip.

You can choose a second Brushtip and have some basic options to specify how it is combined with the first brushtip. The options in Photoshop for the second tip are:

A) Blend Mode - The Blend Mode used to combine the two brush tips

B)Size - Size of the second Brushtip

C) Spacing - space between two brushstamps in a stroke

D) Scatter (per axis) - Scatter in X and Y

E) Count - The amount of stamps that are being applied

This is such a great feature - allowing you to create endless brush variations for all occasions and it would benefit mari greatly.

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #27177

Major Features

Apply filter to ANY selection type

Mari allows the user to two ways of constraining the effects of a filter on a channel:

A) Apply Filter to selected patches

B) Apply filter inside an area specified by another channel used as mask

With Mari's every increasing support for Game Developers and their very streamlined UVs (overlapping, multiple materials inside the same tile etc.) it is becoming more and more obvious that this is just not enough. I propose getting rid of the "Apply filter to selected patch" option and replacing it with a "Apply filter to selection". This would respect the selection mode the user is in (face vs. patch) and apply the filter to the selected patches (when in patch mode) and selected faces (when in face mode).

In addtion applying filters to Marquee selections would be another much needed item.

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #30119

Major Features

Choose nondestructively resolution in texture export dialogue

I would appreciate to have a nondestructive choice to change texture resolution right in the export dialogue.

In our studio we always export three types of resolution (high, low, mid)

This feature would help me to avoid mistakes like saving scene after decreasing (destructively) resolution for the low version.

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #35879

Minor Features

[IMPLEMENTED] Do not fill new UV Tiles with grey

When bringing in a new model version that has higher UDIM Number count than the original model, Mari 2.0 fills all those new patches with 50% grey -- on every single layer and every mask.

It is incredibly time consuming to correct this.

Mari should allow you to specify what to do -- leave those patches transparent or fill it with a custom color.

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #35314


20 votes
20 up votes
0 down votes

Major Features

Layermasks and Adjustment Icons should be own element

At the momnet the icons for Adjustment stacks, layer masks and mask groups are part of the Layer and not its own element.

I would like them to be "loose" UI elements allowing for easy moving (drag&drop) between layers as well as quick sharing of a mask or adjustment stack without having to first open the stack and share each layer individually.

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #35866

Major Features

reference/template display mode for geo

It would be good to have a reference display mode so that you can paint on a surface whilst having other geometry that lies on that surface etc visible.

These are the requirements for such a system:

- do not block projections even though they are visible

- not paintable/locked

- work on whole objects, patches and faces.

- get ignored during occlusion

- variable settings for transparency/ghosting effect, solid color etc.

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #33188

Major Features

2d Image Editor Tab

A quite general request with big implications.

A 2d Image Editor Solution would be a great addition to Mari and would help unify the texture painting process under one roof.

The ability to prepare textures for further application in mari would be great and a lot of the tools needed are already inside Mari. With a few additions like the

a) ability to paint tileable textures (either via offset filter or in a seamless painting worklow - paint goes out one side comes back in the other)

b) quick ability to send image to PaintThrough, BrushTip and Image Manager

The list is pretty long - since basically all things that are feature requests for 3d Painting are useful in a 2d Image Editor as well.

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #18135

Major Features

Film Gate

When doing Matte Painting and Camera Projector work it would be handy to have acess to a film gate with some basic Resolution/Aspect Ratio settings. Resizing the PaintBuffer is NOT the same.

Currently there is a "Camera Mask" Option on the Viewport Options but it is not customizable.

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #34417

Minor Features

Export Projector as FBX

Would be great if I could export my Projectors that I setup in Mari as FBX Files to use in Maya.

This way I would not need to set up my projection cameras in Maya first and then export to mari but could quickly set them up in Mari as needed, export to my 3d app and use it there as needed. Far more efficient workflow

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #26556 / /#20193

Minor Features

Zoom Paintbuffer should apply to PaintThrough Images

Any operation (pan/zoom) you do with the Zoom Paintbuffer Tool should be applied to the visible paintThrough Image as well.

You could have a large Paintbuffer, align your PaintThrough image in relation to the entire object, then use the Zoom Paintbuffer Tool to finetune and edit your projection closeup without having to worry about loosing the your carefully aligned overall projection.

Lock Zoom/Pan for PaintThrough does that but only affects real 3d Zoom and Pan operations.

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #24960


Lock Radius/Inner Radius relation

This is one of those small things that keep annoying me but I keep forget to report:

When using the "R" Key to resize your brush the Inner Radius doesn't automatically scale with it, effectively changing things all the time.

I would really like the option to just link the two together so that they change in relation together.

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #33789

Major Features

Synced Normal Maps (Mikk TSpace Normal Maps)

It would help to have presets available in the preferences to configure how Mari displays Normal Maps. At the moment the display is quite different from for example XNormal or Maya.

It should be easy for users to configure Mari to display Normal Maps identically to their main application.

Mikk TSpace Normal Maps are becoming the industry standard fast with XNormal, Unreal Engine, Max etc. all supporting it.

The full opensource implementation is here:

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #37890

Major Features

Ambient Occlusion : Search Distance and mutiple objects

Add some settings for the Ambient Occlusion Calculation like Search Distance.

I would also like the option to create a "Bake set" with more than I object so to have AO between objects.

Currently Mari ignores occlusion cast from one object onto another.

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #37851

Major Features

Smart Framing

Mudbox has a smart view (camera) framing feature which I would like to see in Mari. If the user wants to frame to a certain area of the asset, clicking the "f" key will frame the region of the geometry the cursor is over. It will be a tighter framing if the brush radius is smaller and a wider framing if the brush radius is larger.

I think this is a great feature that says the software is anticipating your intent and will assist in getting the job done.

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #30123

Major Features

Texture Bombing/Texture Replicator

A "Texture Bomb" feature in Mari would be great for environment work.

The idea behind the texture bomb is to use one or multiple images with an alpa which get randomly (different, scale, rotation, hueshift etc.) ditributed over a surface based on a distribution mask.

Modo 601 introduced a slight variation of this technique using particles to drive texture projections which might be faster to compute as you save the overhead of having to compute a texture grid for the entire surface.

Here are Modos Texture Replicators in Action:

And here:

A simplified version of this could be just "bombing" the paintbuffer.

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #28117


14 up votes
0 down votes

Major Features

Blur adjustment layer

I'd like to see a blur adjustment layer. It will be especially helpfull with mask layers.

Using a blur and a level adjustment layer in conjunction can help you to increase and decrease your mask selection.

The need of an adjustment layer instead of the current filter is it allow you to use the power of sharing layer.

That is really helpfull if you want to paint multi layers paint and rust in real time using sharing layers.

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #39313

Major Features

Unhide last hidden

Mari is missing a feature like "unhide last hidden".

After "hiding unselected" geometry to focus painting on a selected part, you have to use "unhide all" to see the rest of the geometry again.

Unfortunately the viewability settings in the selection group menue is overwritten by that and you have to go thru the list again to hide some parts that block the view otherwise

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #30120

Minor Features

PaintThrough Image: Change rotation pivot

In Phototshop you can set the pivot for any image when using Transformations.

It would be nice if Mari supported a custom rotation pivot for PaintThrough Images, even one that is outside the image itself. Currently they will always rotate around the centre

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #12832

Major Features

Projection Mask Procedurals / Procedural Hub

Mari offers a Fractal Noise both as a Shader module and a Projection Mask.

I would like to see more Procedurals implemented:

A) Noise,Gabor Noise, Perlin Noise etc.

B) Voronoi

C)Different Noise based algorithms like Marble,Crater

Mockup below.

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #18262

Minor Features

Marquee Tool: Hold Shift for perfect Square/Circle

At the moment the Marquee Tool Options "Rectangle" and "Ellipse" do not support drawing perfect squares or circles.

It should work similar to other programs, where holding down the siftkey creates a perfect square in "Rectangle" mode and a perfect circle in "Ellipse" Mode

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #33788


Orient Brush to Surface

It would be great to have an "Orient Brush to Surface" Option.

Just to make it clear:

I am not talking about integrating a "true 3d" painting.

Just have the Brushsize change size and form based on the geometry it is hovering over.

What are the benefits ?

A) You can much better "read" the form of the geo during painting

B) By changing form/size your brush compensates for some stretching in grazing angles (only to some degree obviously

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #40741

Major Features

Export more than one channel

Would be handy to be able to tag multiple channels for export.

The easiest way for this to work would be an option to group channels in Mari 2, then right click on the group and "Export Flattened", causing Mari to export each channel in the group one after the other.

Ideally this would work across objects - when the same group exists on different objects Mari asks if all channels from all groups from all objects should be exported. This would help simplify the repetitive task of exporting changes over and over.

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #36198


12 up votes
0 down votes

Missing Hotkeys

Rotate all Lights with Hotkey (Mudbox like)

Mudbox has a really quick and uncomplicated way of changing your lights in the scene. You just press and hold the Hotkey "L" + the left mouse button and move your mouse - voila your scene lights (including IBLs) rotate.

Especially now that Mari supports shadows I would really like a copy of that system so I don't need to adjust 4 lights independently in a deeply buried palette

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #30124

Major Features

Preset procedural details like in the program dDo.

dDo like automatic presets (which could be manually edited) for surface details:

Automatic scratches based on more exposed surfaces.

Acid wear and etching in painted surfaces with sharper edges more affected.

Dust accumulation on upper surfaces only.

Mud spatter on lower surfaces.

And these detail presets would be applied to multiple maps at once, so you could easily adjust the diffuse, specularity, displacement depth etc. individually for each detail applied.

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #35872

Minor Features

Copy Channel to maintain ALL Share Links

Currently if you copy & paste a channel that has share links to layers in other channels those links are removed in the process.

Ex. One "MASK" channel contains layers with all of your masks. Another "COLOR" channel contains layers of paint whose visibility is controlled by shared masks from your "MASK" channel. When you copy & paste "COLOR" a "COLOR_copy" channel is created and the shared links to the "MASK" channel get removed.

Shared links are maintained for anything setup inside the channel during copy & paste, but not anything outside. I find myself having to go back and redo a lot of shares to maintain a non-destructive workflow.

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #35858

Minor Features

Flood Fill selected Faces with FG/BG/Transp.

It is already possible to flood fill selected patches with Foreground or Background color and Transparency.

You can also flood fill selected faces when you are using ptex.

However on non-ptex objects there is no way to fill selected faces.

Maybe the 3 options for faces that are available under the ptex menu could be made active in uv-based projects as well ?

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #13946

Minor Features

UV Distortion and Resolution Tools

Would it be possible to add in some metrics about the quality of the UV coordinates on the model?

At Autodesk they have provided some heat maps which give information about texture distortion as seen here:

It would also be good to give a pseudo color representation of texel density from a maximum to a minimum range, to highlight exceptions from the optimal.

This could be in two forms:

size of a texture pixel in world unit scale, to see that it is uniform across the model.

size of a texture pixel in camera space to see that it is less than the required density for a shot.



Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #44756

Major Features

Texture synthesis technology

Hopefully with Disney's cooperation with the Foundy they can get access to their texture Synthesis Technology.

A few links

PatchBased Texture Sytnhesis (2012):

Old 2003 Microsoft-research paper:

Disney's original Paper on the subject

General Definition:

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #40073

Minor Features

Copy/Lift Channel into Paintbuffer

Can we have a simple "lift channel into paint buffer" option?

Seems like the general work-around is to clone stamp the channel into the paint buffer and then you can work on it. Clone stamping to pull the image to the buffer is not very precise if you want to lift the image and then rebake it in the same position.

A tool to lift into the paintbuffer should work for

a) the entire area of the paint buffer

b) based on a lasso/rectangle selection

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #12573

Major Features

Align Camera to selected Polys

When setting up Projectors it would be useful to be able to align a camera along the normal of a selected polygon or an average (like a "best plane" projection) when multiple polys are selected. This would insure the best, distortion free camera projection possible

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #34559

Major Features

Update Cache Location within Mari GUI

It would be great to have more friendly way how to switch between projects, each based in different location. Instead of rewriting CacheLocation.ini file I would prefer to do it within Mari graphical interface.

It would be nice to have it allow you to switch cache locations without requiring to pick an empty directory.

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #33246

Major Features

Objects should stay hidden

If you hide an object via the Object Palette, then select another one to work with, hide a few patches of that object and at one point unhide all patches, Mari will unhide all patches not only from the selected object but will will show the "hidden" object as well.

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #43241

Major Features

Ambient Occlusion Calculation: Ignore hidden Geometry

Have Mari ignore hidden geometry in its AO calculation.

Say I have a character with a helmet, and a selection set for that helmet set to be hidden... The helmet still gets taken into account when running the AO calculations. I think it would be helpful to have a couple of booleans to set whether hidden geo and other objects get taken into account for AO.

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #21158

Minor Features

Toggle Geometry Mask for Paintbuffer

When dropping an entire image into the paintbuffer with - ' - the image in the paint buffer will only display in areas where there is geometry underneath.

Would be nice to have a "Toggle Geometry Mask" Option next to the "Toggle UV Mask" to force Mari to display the entire paintbuffer even if it is not over geometry

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #34275

Major Features

Transfer selection groups onto new object version

By default any selection group gets lost when you add a new object version (think lowres geo and subdivided geo version for painting)

Could selection groups be transfered over based on the following methodes ?

A) UV space - for cases where the UVs haven't changed but the model has changed shape.

B) In world/object space - for cases where the UVs have changed but the model hasn't changed shape.

C) Based on face ID - for cases where the UVs have changed and the model has changed shape, but no new faces have been created.

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #40061

Minor Features

Paint Through (Display) Blend Modes

When doing projection work it could be useful to have display blend modes for the paintThroughImage.

Especially a "difference" Mode would make sense to line up images with both the base geometry as well as paint already in the buffer

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #27083


Spin Brush

ZBrushs Spinbrush

You currently have the option of applying a (random) rotation to your brushtip, however the rotation will always happen based on the position of your cursor.

A spin option similar to Zbrush would allows for more variety in the brushstroke.

- A SpinCenter Option:

Allowing the user to set an offset in the rotation pivot ("0" would rotate around the current cursorposition). Higher Numbers will result in more arched stroked.

- Spin Angle:

What angle is applied to each successive brushtip

Larger numbers will result in smaller arches

-Spin Rotate:

How many times the Brushtip spins around between each stroke segment

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #33871

Major Features

Detach Viewport Window for Dual Monitor

Would like the option to detach a viewport and move it to a second monitor. For example when you have the "Ortho/UV" Mode open I would like to split out the UV Window and move it to another Monitor (or even another desktop on linux !)

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #37884

Major Features

Add Mask/Reveal Selected

In Photoshop you can make a selection and when you add a layer mask the selected area gets filled white in the mask (visible), while unselected areas are filled black (not visible). The same should work in Mari with the addition that it should respect face selections as well by providing a Add Mask/Reveal Selected option.

Submitted by

Foundry Support ID: #36200